MLG Track Shoe Tool

NSN: Not Assigned

Part Number: A31-000-1

Category: Ground Support Equipment

Aircraft: C-130 EC-130 KC-130 KC-130J L-100

MLG Track Shoe Tool


This tool consists of two steel clamp arms that are attached to an adjustment screw.  It comes with a toolbox for storage, and is equal to LMC P/N 3402799-1.


This tool is used to aid the installation, removal, or adjustment of the MLG upper track shoe.  The clamp arms attach to the aft vertical beam flanges while the adjustment screw block holds the shock strut in place while attachment bolts are loosened/tightened – eliminating pressure on the  track shoes.

Dimensions & Weight

16″ X 14″ X 2″ – 5 lbs

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