Cradle, Type I Jacking

NSN: 1730-00-153-3242

Part Number: 7134771-10

Category: Ground Support Equipment

Aircraft: C-130

Cradle, Type I Jacking


The unit is constructed of a steel frame with swivel casters and a four point gear box system. The cradle is constructed using bonded wood with a vinyl covered pad where the cradle makes contact with the aircraft.


Used to cradle the fuselage of the C-130 aircraft when in ISO or servicing the landing gear and zero loading the airframe. This unit is used in conjunction with six (6) 7134770-10 and is located at FS 737 at the cargo door hinge.

Dimensions & Weight

96″ (L) X 24″ (W) X 31″ (H) X 500 lbs.

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