C-130 Access Stair Set

Part Number: A97-000-1

Category: Ground Support Equipment

Aircraft: C-130 EC-130 KC-130 KC-130J L-100

C-130 Access Stair Set


This unit consists of a complete set of stairs that provides access to all the ingress/egress locations on the C-130 aircraft.  Included in the set is (1) Crew Door Stair P/N 38-510-103, (2) Paratroop Door Stairs P/N 38-510-105, and (1) Cargo Door Stair P/N 38-510-104.


This set allows personnel to access the aircraft during flight line, ISO, or depot level maintenance.

Dimensions & Weight

Crew Door Stair – 64″ (W) X 42″ (H) X 66″ (L) X  400 lbs
Paratroop Door Stair – 64″ (W) X 42″ (H) X 53″ (L) X  375 lbs
Cargo Door Stair – 96” (W) [126″ w/ guardrails expanded] X 42” (H) X 53” (L) X 500 lbs

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