Cargo Door Area Fall Protection Net

NSN: Not Assigned

Part Number: A42-000-1

Category: Ground Support Equipment

Aircraft: C-130

Cargo Door Area Fall Protection Net


This safety net is constructed of 1″ nylon webbing, rated at 5,000 lbs. The straps within the net are spaced on 6″ centers with 3/8″ harness clips that are used to attach to the D-rings of the C-130 cargo floor. Custom mount brackets (made of 7050 aluminum) that attach to 3/8″ harness clips on the top of the net interface with the ceiling attach points of the aircraft. The straps at that location contain cam buckles that provides the ability to adjust the tension of the net. The sides of the net are equipped with 5/16″ D-rings that can be used as additional attach points.


This safety net is designed to provide a secure wall of protection for personnel working in the aft cargo floor area when the cargo door is removed.

Dimensions & Weight

131″ W x 108″ H – 20 lbs

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