Bridle Assembly – Forward, 80 FT

NSN: Not Assigned

Part Number: 52-1-00-1

Aircraft: 382 C-130 L-100

Bridle Assembly – Forward, 80 FT


The unit consists of two 80′ cables with a shackle on one end and two shackles on the other. This unit must be used in conjunction with (P/N 371619-1). Capacity is 27,940 pounds. This unit is equal to Lockheed Martin P/N 402536-9, only 41′ longer.


The unit is attached to the main landing gear allowing the towing aft of all configurations of the C-130 aircraft.

Dimensions & Weight

80’ (L) X 6” (W) X 6” (H) X 150 lbs.

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