Maintenance Platform

NSN: 1730-000124182

Part Number: 3401459-2

Category: Maintenance Platforms

Aircraft: C-130

Maintenance Platform


The unit consists of 16 manually adjusted work platforms used in combination to provide a continuous working surface around the aircraft. The units are constructed of steel and swivel-locking casters are provided for mobility.

Special Notes 

The unit was designed in the late 1950’s and does not comply with current OSHA or AFOSH regulation. KWD Part number 38-1-00-2 NSN 1730-01-488-9629 is the OSHA compliant replacement.


The unit is used for maintenance personnel to access the engines, fuselage and trailing edge of the wings on the A-H model C-130 aircraft.

Dimensions & Weight

142’L x 39’W x 7’-8’ estimated 22,200 lbs.

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