Horizontal Stabilizer Sling

Part Number: 133-384009

Category: Ground Support Equipment

Aircraft: T-6

Horizontal Stabilizer Sling


The Sling is two, one inch wide webbing straps sewn to a welded ring on one end and individual lifting shackles on the other end with aircraft attach fittings. (KWD P/N: 450-720-3)


The intended usage is to lift the horizontal stabilizer from the aircraft using an approved source of overhead hoist or crane. The Sling Assembly is a means of attaching the hoist to the horizontal stabilizer. The lifting brackets of the Sling Assembly are designed to mate with the horizontal stabilizer screw locations at the surface of the end caps installed on the aircraft.

Dimensions & Weight

105” (L) X 1” (W) X .125” (T) 4 lbs.

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