Economy Class Seating Pallet with Lavatory

NSN: Not Assigned

Part Number: A25-000-4

Category: Palletized Interior Conversions

Aircraft: C-130

Economy Class Seating Pallet with Lavatory


Pallets are constructed of lightweight aluminum alloys and each part is pre-treated with alodine (Per MIL-C-5541) and primed with a polyurethane primer (Per MIL-C-22377) then each part is individually painted with a polyurethane top coat (Per MIL-P-85285) to prevent corrosion. The frame is mechanically assembled using Mil-Spec and Hi-Lok® fasteners. The overall weight of the pallet does not exceed 300 lbs. Removable sound dampening styro-foam is installed to minimize sound and vibration. In addition anti-rattle pallet to pallet screws are provided to minimize vibration.

The decking is installed using a composite honeycomb material consisting of a .063” 2024-T4 aluminum top and bottom skin bonded to a honeycomb core. Slots are then routed out for the seat track, all perimeter edges are routed out and strategic hard points are drilled and then filled with a high strength-potting compound.

The seating style, material and configuration are limited only to the budget restraints of the customer. Each pallet at its highest density can accept up to 15 economy seats at a 30 or 34 inch pitch. The standard length C-130 can accept five pallets at a maximum density of seventy-five seats and a stretch version can accept seven pallets at a maximum density of one hundred and five seats. All seats include an oxygen generator and mask installed either in the back of the headrest or under the seat. All seats are supplied with seat belts and flotation devices upon request. The customer can select class, fabric, electronic accessories, food trays and forward or aft facing seats. All seats are provided with material burn tests as required by the FAA.

The economy class seats and pallet flooring are selected based on the customer’s specifications.

The Lavatory consists of a wash basin, toilet, fresh/waste water containers, and 28 VDC electrical supply cord for lights/toilets. It is constructed using a honeycomb composite material consisting of a .020” 2024-T4 aluminum top and bottom skin bonded to a honeycomb core. All perimeter edges are routed out and filled with a high strength-potting compound. Strategic attach points with inserts are installed with a two part epoxy bonding material. The units can be designed to be permanently installed in the aircraft, attached to the D-ring attach points or installed on a pallet. Cabinet doors are hinged and latched using aircraft approved positive locking hardware. The entry door is fabricated using a honeycomb composite material, a continuous hinge and a locking doorknob with vacant or in-use signage.

  • New Seats: P/N A25-000-4
  • Refurbished Seats: P/N A25-000-4R


The unit provides a quick change option for high density seating for eight (8) passengers. The lavatory is attached to the seat track of the pallet. The supplied electrical cord plugs into the aircraft’s auxiliary unit.

Dimensions & Weight

119.8″ (L) X 89.8″ (W)

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