MLG Dollies (Set of 2)

Part Number: A06-000-2

Category: Ground Support Equipment

Aircraft: C-130

MLG Dollies (Set of 2)


The A06-000-2 part number consists of a set of dollies that contain half the components related to the C-130 main landing gears – (1) one MLG/Brake Dolly (P/N A06-001-01) and (1) one MLG Component Storage Dolly (P/N A06-002-01). They are constructed of steel, and have swivel lock casters with brakes.


This is a set used to store the Main Landing Gear (MLG) struts, brakes, and components. This set consists of (1) MLG/Brake Dolly (P/N A06-001-01) and (1) MLG Component Dolly (P/N A06-002-01). The MLG/Brake Dolly can hold two struts, brakes, and ball screws. The MLG Component Dolly stores the remaining associated components in tool boxes and shadow panel. This set is for one side of the aircraft. This set consist of 2 dollies as shown in the picture.

For a four (4) dolly set (both sides of aircraft), see P/N A06-000-1.

Dimensions & Weight

76” (L) X 42” (W) – MLG/Brake Dolly
80” (L) X 40” (W) – MLG Component Storage Dolly

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