Image Part Number NSN Description Aircraft Details
Mixed Class Seating Pallet – 9 Passenger
A57-000-3Not AssignedMixed Class Seating Pallet – 9 PassengerC-5, C-17, C-27, C-130, EC-130, KC-10, KC-135, L-100Details
MLG Towing & Jacking Fitting Assembly
A54-100-01Not AssignedMLG Towing & Jacking Fitting AssemblyC-130, EC-130, KC-130, KC-130J, L-100Details
Bridle Assembly (80′) w/ Jacking/Towing Fitting Assembly Kit
A54-000-1Not AssignedBridle Assembly (80′) w/ Jacking/Towing Fitting Assembly KitC-130, EC-130, KC-130, KC-130J, L-100Details
Bridle Assembly (59′) w/ Jacking/Towing Fitting Assembly Kit
A54-000-2Not AssignedBridle Assembly (59′) w/ Jacking/Towing Fitting Assembly Kit382, C-130Details
Bridle Assembly (46′) w/ Jacking/Towing Fitting Assembly Kit
A54-000-3Not AssignedBridle Assembly (46′) w/ Jacking/Towing Fitting Assembly Kit382, C-130Details
Cargo Floor Winch Sling
A73-000-1Cargo Floor Winch SlingC-130Details
Flap Rigging Tripod
TE79-2005/939Flap Rigging TripodT-6Details
Battery Lifting Tool
TK1587/917Battery Lifting ToolT-6Details
Cargo Ramp Door Dolly
A27-000-1Cargo Ramp Door DollyC-130, EC-130, KC-130, KC-130JDetails
NLG Storage/Removal/Installation Dolly
A05-000-1NLG Storage/Removal/Installation DollyC-130Details
MLG Dollies (Set of 4)
A06-000-1MLG Dollies (Set of 4)C-130Details
C-130 Access Stair Set
A97-000-1C-130 Access Stair SetC-130, EC-130, KC-130, KC-130J, L-100Details
Radome Sling
A19-000-1Radome SlingC-130Details
Tire Cage Assembly
A98-000-1Tire Cage AssemblyC-130Details
Hinged Step Stand Assembly
A95-000-1Hinged Step Stand AssemblyDetails
Aft Cargo Door Assembly
B02-000-1Aft Cargo Door AssemblyC-130Details
MLG Dollies (Set of 2)
A06-000-2MLG Dollies (Set of 2)C-130Details
Cargo Floor Board Dolly
A82-000-1Cargo Floor Board DollyC-130Details
Cargo Door Area Fall Protection Net
A42-000-1Not AssignedCargo Door Area Fall Protection NetC-130Details
Air Mover, Lamb
A30-000-11730-01-328-9310Air Mover, LambC-130Details
MLG Track Shoe Tool
A31-000-1Not AssignedMLG Track Shoe ToolC-130, EC-130, KC-130, KC-130J, L-100Details
Engine Sling (QEC)
ES125155-11730-014716704Engine Sling (QEC)C-130Details
Economy Class Seating Pallet – 9 Passenger
A57-000-1Not AssignedEconomy Class Seating Pallet – 9 PassengerC-5, C-17, C-27, C-130, EC-130, KC-10, KC-135, L-100Details
Hoist Straddle Engine Multi Aircraft
1C5442G11730-00-783-2382Hoist Straddle Engine Multi AircraftDetails
Control Surface Trailer
4-1-00-1Control Surface TrailerKC-10Details
Engine Stand
9-1-00-1Engine Stand328Details
Engine Lifting Assembly
10-1-00-1Engine Lifting Assembly328Details
Propeller Tension Tool Kit
17-1-00-1Propeller Tension Tool KitC-130Details
Life Raft Sling Assembly
18-1-00-1Life Raft Sling AssemblyC-130Details
Sling Lifting Engine (General Electric T700)
21C7081G024920-01-108-3484Sling Lifting Engine (General Electric T700)Details
TF-39 Engine Build-Up Assembly
28-000-1TF-39 Engine Build-Up AssemblyC-5Details
Engine Stand with Adapter Kit
35-1-00-1Engine Stand with Adapter Kit328Details
ISO Maintenance Platform
38-1-00-21730-01-488-9629ISO Maintenance PlatformC-130Details
ISO Maintenance Platform
38-1-00-5ISO Maintenance PlatformEC-130Details
Paratroop Door Stair
38-510-105Paratroop Door StairC-130, EC-130, KC-130, KC-130JDetails
Paratroop Door Stair
38-510-1021730-01-656-8813Paratroop Door StairC-130Details
Crew Door Stair
38-510-103Crew Door StairC-130, EC-130, KC-130, KC-130JDetails
Cargo Door Stair
38-510-104Cargo Door StairC-130, EC-130, KC-130, KC-130JDetails
Wing Stand Assembly
42-1-00-1Wing Stand AssemblyC-5Details
Bridle Assembly – Forward, 80 FT
52-1-00-1Not AssignedBridle Assembly – Forward, 80 FT382, C-130, L-100Details
Bridle Assembly – Single Leg Aft, 80 FT
52-1-00-2Not AssignedBridle Assembly – Single Leg Aft, 80 FT382, C-130, L-100Details
Tail Stand
55-000-3Tail StandC-130Details
Tail Stand
55-000-5Tail StandC-130Details
Depot Maintenance Platform
61-000-1Depot Maintenance PlatformC-130Details
QEC Stand
63D340701730-009063933QEC StandC-130Details
Horizontal Stabilizer Cradle Assy
68D36284-10Horizontal Stabilizer Cradle AssyC-130Details
Fuel Tank Access Platform
68-000-1Fuel Tank Access PlatformKC-130JDetails
QEC Dolly
70-000-1QEC DollyC-130, E2C, P3Details
Electrical Stand Assembly
73-000-1Electrical Stand AssemblyC-130Details
CWB Internal Access Stand
73-000-5CWB Internal Access StandC-130Details
Engine and Nose Stand
76-000-11730-01547-5716Engine and Nose StandC-130Details
Nose Stand Platform Assembly
76-000-3Nose Stand Platform AssemblyC-130Details
ISO Maintenance Platform
78-000-1ISO Maintenance PlatformEC-130Details
79-000-1Not AssignedSSAC OH TOOLC-130Details
ISO Maintenance Platform
81-000-1ISO Maintenance PlatformKC-130Details
CWB Build Up Stands
83-000-1CWB Build Up StandsC-130Details
Scissor Lift Assembly
86-000-101Scissor Lift AssemblyC-130Details
Depot Maintenance Platform
88-000-1Depot Maintenance PlatformC-130Details
UARRSI Bridge Platform
88-000-2UARRSI Bridge PlatformC-130Details
Nose Stand Assembly
88-000-3Nose Stand AssemblyC-130Details
Mobile Articulating Stairs
88-600-01Mobile Articulating StairsDetails
Seating Pallet
90-000-5Not AssignedSeating PalletC-130Details
Cargo Door Shipping Fixture
92-000-1Cargo Door Shipping FixtureC-130Details
P3 QEC Engine Dolly
94-000-101P3 QEC Engine DollyP3Details
Universal Engine Stand
97-000-1Universal Engine StandC-130Details
Outer Wing Fixture Stands
99-000-1Outer Wing Fixture StandsC-130Details
Bridle Assembly – Forward
104-000-7Not AssignedBridle Assembly – Forward382, C-130Details
Bridle Assembly – Aft, Single Leg
105-000-5Not AssignedBridle Assembly – Aft, Single Leg382, C-130, L-100Details
Hinge Pin Puller
106-000Hinge Pin PullerC-130Details
Torque Wrench Adapter
111-000Torque Wrench AdapterC-130Details
Ramp Actuator Guard
118-000-1011730-013304915Ramp Actuator GuardC-130Details
Ramp Hook Retainer ID Tool
122-000-14920-01485344Ramp Hook Retainer ID ToolC-130Details
Tow Bar, Aircraft
126-000-1011730-01-103-9685Tow Bar, AircraftC-130Details
Tow-Bar, Aircraft w/ (FLIR)
126-700-1011730-01-HS1-5298Tow-Bar, Aircraft w/ (FLIR)C-130Details
Canopy Stand
133-384003Canopy StandT-6Details
Wing/Fuselage Stand
133-3840041730-01-518-3049Wing/Fuselage StandT-6Details
Fuselage Stand Assembly
133-384005Fuselage Stand AssemblyT-6Details
Fixture Balance Ctrl. Surfaces
133-3840074920-01-518-3050Fixture Balance Ctrl. SurfacesT-6Details
Vertical Hoisting Sling
133-3840081730-01-518-3051Vertical Hoisting SlingT-6Details
Horizontal Stabilizer Sling
133-384009Horizontal Stabilizer SlingT-6Details
Leveling Block Assembly
133-384014Leveling Block AssemblyT-6Details
Flight Control Rigging Toolkit
133-384015Flight Control Rigging ToolkitT-6Details
Inclinometer Kit Assembly
133-384018Inclinometer Kit AssemblyT-6Details
Canopy Sling Assembly
133-384025Canopy Sling AssemblyT-6Details
Bleed Valve Check Kit
133-3840264810-01-518-3055Bleed Valve Check KitT-6Details
Propeller Stand Assembly
133-3840291730-01-518-3054Propeller Stand AssemblyT-6Details
Fuel Container Assembly
133-384031-1Fuel Container AssemblyT-6Details
Engine Transport Stand Assy
133-3840331740-01-522-7027Engine Transport Stand AssyT-6Details
Landing Gear Tool Kit
133-384034-1Landing Gear Tool KitT-6Details
Landing Gear Tool Kit
133-384034-3Landing Gear Tool KitT-6Details
Rudder Protractor
133-386001Rudder ProtractorT-6Details
Indicator-Free Play Trim Tabs
133-386002Indicator-Free Play Trim TabsT-6Details
Nose Steer Adjustment Set
133-3880041730-01-518-3047Nose Steer Adjustment SetT-6Details
Restraining Bridle Assembly
133-388005-93940-01-518-3048Restraining Bridle AssemblyT-6Details
FLSC Installation Tool
133-430025-7/952FLSC Installation ToolT-6Details
Engine Dolly (QEC)
200-000-1011740-00-106-8512Engine Dolly (QEC)C-130Details
Engine Dolly (QEC)
200-000-1041740-012314826Engine Dolly (QEC)C-130Details
QEC Dolly Work Platforms
200-000-200QEC Dolly Work PlatformsC-130Details
Adapter QEC Dolly
200-450-11710-01-504-4629Adapter QEC DollyC-130Details
Firewall Rigging Fixture
200-972-14920-014322842 Firewall Rigging FixtureC-130Details
200-000-102  Turbine Support Kit (For 200-000-101)
200-000-1021730-013501162200-000-102 Turbine Support Kit (For 200-000-101)C-130Details
Wheel Dolly
206-000-101Wheel DollyC-130Details
Propeller Dolly, B – H
207-000-1011740-01-103-9693Propeller Dolly, B – HC-130Details
Propeller Dolly, B – J
207-000-1041740-01-454-2393Propeller Dolly, B – JC-130Details
Propeller Dolly
207-600-1013920-01-454-2393Propeller DollyC-27, C-130Details
SAAB 2000 Propeller Dolly
207-650-101SAAB 2000 Propeller DollyC-27Details
Propeller Stand
207-300-1Propeller StandC-130, P3Details
Propeller Stand
207-300-3Propeller StandC-130, P3Details
Propeller Stand
207-300-51730-01-508-6403Propeller StandC-27, C-130Details
SAAB 2000 Propeller Stand
207-300-7SAAB 2000 Propeller StandSaab 2000Details
HUD Bore Sight Target
210-000-3HUD Bore Sight TargetC-130Details
Ramp Support
219-800-1011730-001711989Ramp SupportC-130Details
Cargo Handling System
219-1300-101Cargo Handling SystemC-130Details
Cargo Handling Trailer
298-1000-101Cargo Handling TrailerC-130Details
Portable Aircraft Toilet
350-149-94510-012403777Portable Aircraft ToiletC-130Details
Portable Lavatory
350-219-14510-010805922Portable Lavatory382, C-5, C-17, C-130, C-141Details
Cargo Handling System
355-000Cargo Handling System382, C-130, L-100Details
Engine Stand Assembly
450-760-1Engine Stand AssemblyT-6Details
Cargo Handling System
455-000Cargo Handling System382, C-130, L-100Details
Drug Interdiction Inspection Stands
5156-00-1Drug Interdiction Inspection StandsDetails
Hinge Pin Puller
3151355120-002152506Hinge Pin PullerC-130Details
Hinge Pin Puller
3405595120-003305083Hinge Pin PullerC-130Details
MLG Retracting Screw Guide
3406064920-003113465MLG Retracting Screw GuideC-130Details
MLG Axle Thread Protector
340713MLG Axle Thread ProtectorC-130Details
MLG Axle Thread Protector
3407144920-006724940MLG Axle Thread ProtectorC-130Details
Sling, Outer Wing
341206-511730-001439272Sling, Outer WingC-130Details
Torque Adapter, Wing Bolts
3416635120-003430068Torque Adapter, Wing BoltsC-130Details
Ladder Assembly
3433841730-006408079Ladder AssemblyC-130Details
Sling Horizontal Stabilizer
3489111730-009904677Sling Horizontal StabilizerC-130Details
MLG Lock Assembly
361703-1MLG Lock AssemblyC-130Details
MLG Tow Fitting Assembly
371619-11730-006538824MLG Tow Fitting Assembly382, C-130, L-100Details
Ramp Actuator Guard
394606Ramp Actuator GuardC-130Details
Wheel Dolly
4025001730-002933849Wheel DollyC-130Details
Aft Fuselage Blocking Support
4025081730-002943439Aft Fuselage Blocking SupportC-130Details
Puller Retractor Screw Bearing
4025245120-005257130Puller Retractor Screw BearingC-130Details
Bridle Assembly – Forward
402536-91730-003472203Bridle Assembly – Forward382, C-130Details
Bridle Assembly – Aft, Single Leg
402537-94010-003472202Bridle Assembly – Aft, Single Leg382, C-130Details
Aileron Rigging Template
402637-14920-013285051Aileron Rigging TemplateC-130Details
Elevator Rigging Template
4026384920-003475643Elevator Rigging TemplateC-130Details
Lock Assembly, Cargo Door
402700-31730-003355403Lock Assembly, Cargo DoorC-130Details
Lift Assembly, Cargo Ramp
403159-1Lift Assembly, Cargo RampC-130Details
Radome Sling
404058-11730-005406593Radome SlingC-130Details
Neutral Rudder Pedal Pin
404187-11730-006701845Neutral Rudder Pedal PinC-130Details
Firewall Rigging Fixture
3400323-94920-00-675-4183Firewall Rigging FixtureC-130Details
Engine Hoisting Unit
3400665-11730-00-726-6862Engine Hoisting UnitC-130Details
MLG Holder Bushing
3400674-14920-009784849MLG Holder BushingC-130Details
Ladder, Vertical Stabilizer
3400675-11730-007172245Ladder, Vertical StabilizerC-130Details
Arbor Post
3400845-11740-000742405Arbor PostC-130Details
Propeller Dolly
3400847-171740-00-874-9337Propeller DollyC-130Details
GTC Dolly
3400849-11740-00-775-4330GTC DollyC-130Details
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance
3400961-11730-00-816-3459Sling, Aircraft MaintenanceC-130Details
Rudder Rigging Template
3400985-14920-013285051Rudder Rigging TemplateC-130Details
GTC Dolly
3401207-53920-01-470-8714GTC DollyC-130Details
Cargo Door Adapter
3401349-11730-00-910-1813Cargo Door AdapterC-130Details
Radome Dolly
3401350-1751730-00-657-1177Radome DollyC-130Details
Fuel Tank Sling, Fuselage
3401352-1Fuel Tank Sling, FuselageC-130Details
Maintenance Platform
3401459-21730-000124182Maintenance PlatformC-130Details
Torque Wrench Adapter
3402046-15120-011061644Torque Wrench AdapterC-130Details
Sling, Refrigeration Unit
3402242-11730-01-006-0933Sling, Refrigeration Unit382, C-130Details
Hoist Flight Station A/C Unit I
3402244-11730-01-006-0833Hoist Flight Station A/C Unit I382, C-130Details
Universal Sling
3402245-11730-01-006-0931Universal Sling382, C-130Details
Hoist Assembly, APU
3402246-11730-01-006-0932Hoist Assembly, APUC-130Details
Refrigeration Unit Dolly
3402248-11730-01-006-0834Refrigeration Unit DollyC-130Details
Brake Bleed Set
3402684-394920-012695376Brake Bleed SetC-130Details
Hoist Set, Generator
3402765-14920-011090891Hoist Set, GeneratorC-130Details
Tire Cage Assembly
3402792-1Tire Cage AssemblyC-130Details
Fuel Tank Lift Assembly
3402797-11740-01-135-0533Fuel Tank Lift AssemblyC-130Details
MLG Track Shoe Tool Set
3402799-15180-012644865MLG Track Shoe Tool SetC-130Details
Air Duct Cart
3402802Air Duct CartC-130Details
QEC Transportation Fixture
3402828-1QEC Transportation FixtureC-130Details
Air Mover, Lamb
3403131-14730-013289310Air Mover, LambC-130Details
Flap Jackscrew Insp. Tool
3403149-14920-12254956Flap Jackscrew Insp. ToolC-130Details
Propeller Stand
3403154Propeller StandC-130Details
NLG Lock Assembly
3403155-11730-005701149NLG Lock AssemblyC-130Details
Spreader Throttle Yoke Pulley
3403160-11680-013842151Spreader Throttle Yoke PulleyC-130Details
Turbine Removal Fixture
3403167-14920-014251092Turbine Removal FixtureC-130Details
Ramp Support
3403198-14920-013703890Ramp SupportC-130Details
External Fuel Tank Cradle
3403221-1External Fuel Tank CradleC-130Details
X-Y Positioning Table
3403222-1X-Y Positioning TableC-130Details
Insert Hose Reel Cradle
3403223-1Insert Hose Reel CradleC-130Details
Pylon Fuel Tank Hoist
3403240-1Pylon Fuel Tank HoistC-130Details
Outer Wing Adjuster Sling
3403241-1Outer Wing Adjuster SlingC-130Details
Rudder Wind Gust Lock
3403259-1Rudder Wind Gust LockC-130Details
Turbine Removal Table
3403273-1Turbine Removal TableC-130Details
Portable Press, MLG Seal
40435891730-014716704Portable Press, MLG SealC-130Details
Cradle, Type I Jacking
7134770-101730-01-526-4587Cradle, Type I JackingC-130Details
Cradle, Type I Jacking
7134771-101730-00-153-3242Cradle, Type I JackingC-130Details
Aileron Gust Lock System
18E2412-31730-01-477-2110Aileron Gust Lock SystemC-130, KC-130Details
Elevator Gust Lock Assembly
18E2412-24920-01-476-9582Elevator Gust Lock AssemblyC-130, KC-130Details
Rudder Gust Lock System
18E2412-11730-01-477-2125Rudder Gust Lock SystemC-130, KC-130Details